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Firefly Online: 3D Environment Engine Sneak Peek

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Ajoutée Oct 10, 2014

What you're seeing in this video is *not* a cinematic. It is a live recording of the Firefly Online 3D Environment Engine at work, which creates the encounter maps for the game.

This brief "walkthrough" of a procedurally-generated derelict ship should give a sense for the level of detail FFO will offer in both encounter maps and player avatars.

The game will have many kinds of encounters for players to enjoy, from  desert wildernesses to floating cities to giant automated ships you can freely explore. When it comes to derelicts, you never know what might have gotten to that tasty bit of salvage before you, and what might still be there, waiting for you to drop by.

It would be a mistake to assume Firefly Online is only horses, spaceships and sidearms. There are things out there in the Black that you should sincerely hope you never run into.

To learn more about Firefly Online, please visit us at


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